The Zone Face Lift is a natural alternative to Botox and fillers, taking up to 10 years off in 12 weeks.

Zone Face Lift - Helston, Cornwall

The Zone Face Lift is a new facial treatment acclaimed as a credible alternative to Botox, whilst providing great benefits to the body at the same time. Created by the award winning Ziggie Bergman, this treatment combines traditional reflexology and ancient healing techniques from Native American shamans with Asian body mapping and crystals. The Zone Face Lift may take years off over the 12-week programme by using techniques to lift the face and spirit, smooth lines and wrinkles as well as helping the body to balance and heal. Zone Face Lift offers a natural alternative to dermal fillers and Botox. It’s all about ageing well and naturally.

The Zone Face Lift treatment uses specialist tools to speed up the anti-aging results. Facial Gua Sha (a tool for massage) helps to smooth and scrape the skin to release tension in the face and release stagnation, stimulating the reflex points in the face to encourage internal benefits in the whole body, not just the face. It helps to smooth fine lines and increases the elimination of congestion such as eye puffiness and dark circles. The gentle but firm scraping improves blood flow and circulation, encouraging lymph drainage to improve detoxification. Regular Gua Sha helps to reduce blocked pores preventing the skin to breakout in acne, reduces scarring and encourages new skin growth, collagen and elastin to tighten and firm the face. It's also great to relieve sinus congestion and improves and evens out dark skin pigmentation.

Benefits of Zone Face Lift

Zone Face Lift may help with the following:

  • Clear sinus congestion
  • Relieve tension in the face, neck and shoulders
  • Promote a radiant complexion
  • Improve blood supply to the muscles by bringing the tissues extra oxygen and nutrients and eliminating waste products
  • Increase collagen and elastin which plumps up the skin and reduces lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten and tone the skin in the face and neck
  • Relieve TMJ disorders
  • Clear blocked pores and reduces pore size
  • Prevent acne breakouts
  • Sculpt the jawline reducing a double chin
  • Lifts sagging skin
  • Even out pigmentation and skin tone
  • Reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
  • Release emotions held in the face
  • Encourage deep relaxation and calming of the mind, body and spirit, resulting in reduced stress and anxiety and improved mood.
  • Relieve headaches and migraines, insomnia, joint pain, IBS and depression.

Repetitive use of the facial muscles cause muscle memory, resulting in deeper lines such as the frown line. Regular Zone Face Lift treatments encourage the muscle memory to alter and decrease, impacting on the stubborn lines and wrinkles. The Zone Face Lift will leave your skin with a radiant glow with good results often seen after just one treatment.

What happens during a Zone Face Lift?

This 75 minute treatment involves:

  • head and face massage
  • facial reflexology
  • Zone Face Lift using tools and techniques to smooth and lift the face.

A full treatment includes:

  • Indian Head massage movements to help relax the mind and body
  • Cleansing of the face, using hot towels to remove make up and impurities from the skin
  • An award winning facial elixir is used for a full facial reflexology treatment
  • The use of quartz spheres, acupressure rollers and Gua Sha to smooth and sculpt the face
  • Lifting techniques and pressure points to release tension, smooth and lift the face
  • Relaxing techniques to finish the treatment.

Zone Face Lift Programme - May take years off in 12 weeks (weekly treatments for 12 weeks)

This is a transformative experience inside and out and the 12 week programme is recommended to get the best results. Treatment plans are bespoke, customised each week to suit your needs.

Over the 12 weeks, you will receive a tailored Zone Face Lift treatment as mentioned above. For three of the sessions, I include a Holistic Neal's Yard Facial treatment, including hot towels, to nourish and polish the skin and encourage collagen and elastin production through the products used.

The Zone Face Lift adds a unique quality to the treatment by including 'smudging' where sacred herbs (used by shamans and healers for centuries) are burned to cleanse the spirit and remove negative energy. I burn Sage and Palo Santo during the Zone Face Lift and an additional 'smudge' is included in the facial elixir using white sage and Magical Mist aura spray contains sweet grass to attract the positive.

During the holistic facial, you will be guided through a brief but powerful visualisation to promote positive changes, making this a truly holistic experience like nothing else.

(You may prefer not to have the 'smudging' or guided visualisation during the treatment, so please let me know at the beginning of the session.)

Press testimonials

“A spiritual facial treatment, unlike any other.......the effects were immediate” - Editor Margaret Hussey (Sunday Express)

“Never experienced a treatment so spiritually healing yet effective! My skin is glowing and lifted....…Zone Face Lift is definitely my go to choice” - Celebrity & Model Sophie Anderton