Maternity Reflexology - Helston, Cornwall

During pregnancy, your body goes through huge changes to support the growth of your baby. Maternity reflexology is safe throughout all three trimesters of pregnancy where specific techniques are used to help balance hormones, reduce swelling and improve pregnancy conditions, helping you to enjoy your pregnancy.

Research has found that regular reflexology helps to decrease the duration of labour and reduces the amount of pain relief needed.

May help to:

  • improve sleep patterns
  • increase energy
  • help aches and pains
  • ease nausea
  • reduce swelling
  • calm the body
  • enhance relaxation and ease anxiety
  • alleviate headaches, pelvic pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, sciatica and much more.

If you’re over your due date, specific techniques are used to prime for labour but this is only recommended if you have been receiving reflexology on a regular basis.