​Kinesiology Taping - Helston, Cornwall

Kinesiology taping is a method of promoting the body’s own natural healing process, by activating the neurological and circulatory systems. Muscles not only generate movement but also control the circulation of venous and lymph flows, and is also involved in body temperature control.

Kinesiology taping is not rigid like conventional taping which is used to provide rigid support and reduce motion. Kinesiology tape has unidirectional elastic properties allowing a more compliant support, providing safe movement and can be worn for longer time periods.

Kinesiology taping is beneficial for reducing the risk of injury, support an existing injury and assist in reducing pain in any of those injuries. Kinesiology taping is used in a wide array of conditions depending on the areas and techniques applied:

  • Improves circulation and lymph flow
  • Encourages pain relief in injured muscles
  • Helps the reduction of oedema and inflammation
  • Gives support and stability for muscles and joints
  • Supports the rehabilitation of new and chronic injuries
  • Set right poor posture control and help reduce the impact of 'learned behaviours'