Inlight Beauty Holistic Facials - Helston, Cornwall

Indulge in a transformative journey with our Inlight Beauty Holistic Facials, where organic skincare meets the art of relaxation. We exclusively use Inlight Beauty's organic skincare range, a testament to slow beauty and holistic well-being. Inlight Beauty organic skincare range is a symphony of carefully sourced, sustainable ingredients that not only nurture your skin but also echo their commitment to planetary kindness.

Why Inlight Beauty?

In the realm of holistic beauty, vibrational energy matters. Dr Spiezia, the mastermind behind Inlight Beauty, infuses each ingredient with intention, using unique techniques like tuning sounds, alchemic symbols, colours, and words. Their water-free formulas mirror the skin's natural sebum composition, ensuring deep absorption and highly effective products.

Tailored to You

Our Inlight Beauty Holistic Facial is more than a skincare routine; it's a personalised journey. A consultation guides our therapists to select the most suitable products, nurturing both your skin type and emotional state. It's a holistic treatment that goes beyond the surface, harmonising your mind and body.

Luxury Facial Unveiled

Indulge in our Luxury Facial—an experience that transcends skincare to become a rejuvenating ritual. The journey begins with an upper body massage, followed by the caress of lavender essential oil during a soothing head massage.

As you settle into tranquility, we delicately remove eye and lip makeup, preparing your skin for the indulgence that follows. A head massage, enriched with lavender essential oil, gently encourages you to drift away, leaving behind the stresses of the day.

We commence with a double cleanse, using Inlight Beauty's cleanser. a sensorial experience with hints of lemon, lavender, and cypress that deeply cleanses and nourishes the skin. Hot towels are used, a caress of warmth that removes impurieties and prepares your skin for the next layer of luxury.

A rose-infused essential oil blend is used to massage your neck, shoulders, décolletage, and face. Muscles surrender to relaxation, and blood flow promotes a healthy, natural glow to your complexion.

Following a hot towel, an award-winning mask, chosen to either nourish or detox the skin. is applied, gently exfoliating the skin. Your eyes are cocooned in soothing warmth and a massage ensues, using a luxurious rose essential oil blend that embraces your arms, hands, and feet. Another hot towels gently removes the mask

After, an uplifting, cooling toner infused with roman chamomile and rose, a concentrated eye balm, works its magic, targeting puffiness, dark circles and treated to deep moisturisation, firming, and rejuvenation.

The Luxury Facial experience concludes with a light moisturiser delicately scented with vanilla and rose, leaving your skin velvety soft.

A nourishing lip balm, a blissful head massage, and gentle strokes on your arms, shoulders, and neck bring this luxurious treatment to a close, leaving you rejuvenated and revitalised.

Ready to Glow? Embark on your journey to radiant well-being. Book your Inlight Beauty holistic facial now and embrace a harmonising experience that nurtures your skin and soul.

Your radiant transformation begins here.

Inlight Beauty Express Facial

Treat yourself to the Inlight Beauty Express Facial—a rejuvenating treat in just 35 minutes! Perfect for those on the go, it offers a burst of radiance, leaving your skin revived and replenished. Ideal on its own or seamlessly paired with Facial Cupping, Facial Reflexology, or Foot Reflexology. For the ultimate indulgence, elevate the experience by adding it to our luxurious 90-minute face, hand, and foot reflexology treatment. Unwind, refresh, and let your radiant glow shine through with this express delight—because beauty waits for no one!.

"Just had a wonderful, relaxing Luxury Facial with Julia and it was heavenly. I was so relaxed and the products used were fabulous and smelt divine. Will definitely be booking again and would highly recommend. Thank you Julia"