Post Pregnancy Massage - Helston, Cornwall

Your body goes through huge changes after the birth and it can take about a year for it to go back to a pre-pregnancy state. Your life will also have changed dramatically, and it is easy to neglect yourself with your new role of carrying, feeding and falling asleep with your baby in awkward positions, causing a lot of new postural issues.

This gentle, holistic massage is usually a full body massage but can be tailored to your needs. It aims to relieve the aches and pains endured during the delivery and assist in releasing tension in the shoulders caused by breastfeeding, helping to increase the blood flow to the muscles, restoring energy when you're feeling utterly drained. An gentle abdominal massage can help encourage the uterus to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy size.

Using pre-blended essential oils, specially formulated for mother and baby containing sweet orange, mandarin and ginger, will help revitalise the body and mind.

Most positions are comfortable during the massage but if you're breastfeeding and your breasts are feeling full and sore, it might be better to lie on your side rather than on your front.

This hour massage could be a chance for you to get some 'me time' or if it's more convenient, you could bring your baby along and have them in their push chair next to you.

What if I've had a caesarean?

A caesarean section is major surgery and you'll need time to recover from it. It is best to wait until your scar has healed and you will need to get your doctor's approval first before having a massage.

A post pregnancy massage will help to:

  • Ease sore areas and relax muscle tension
  • Increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Ease shoulder tension from breastfeeding
  • Give you a chance to relax
  • Release oxytocin which triggers breastfeeding
  • Improve well-being and the immune system
  • Cope with the baby blues and postnatal depression
  • Give you some precious 'me time'

Please note: You will need to have consent from your midwife or hospital first before the treatment.

This treatment combines well with the Neal's Yard Facials or The Stress Buster Reflexology.