Meet the Therapists

Julia Archer

Reflexologist - Specialised in fertility, maternity and women's health
Available Tuesdays to Saturdays. By appointment only.

I initially trained in massage and reflexology at New College Nottingham before continuing my studies in Cornwall, qualifying in other therapies including Reiki, Indian head massage, hot stone massage, rejuvenating facial massage and deep tissue massage. I have been working as a complementary therapist since 2007.

My passion is reflexology and I find it amazing that the treatment can help to balance and heal the body so effectively. I found myself receiving frequent enquiries from clients seeking reflexology to aid fertility, thus I consequently decided to undergo extensive training in reproductive reflexology (Reproflexologyâ„¢) to enable me to work confidently with couples trying to conceive naturally or through assisted conception. I am the only therapist in Cornwall using these techniques and have helped many clients to become parents. I have also gained qualifications in pregnancy massage and maternity reflexology, enabling me to help clients through the stages of pre-conception, pregnancy and beyond.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

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Clement West


Available Friday afternoons (Also flexible for appointments on other days)

My name is Clement, and I am a person-centred counsellor. I work with clients on a wide variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, relationships, stress, trauma, and many more.

Every counsellor has their story! Mine was a career in IT based in London, travelling for work to various countries and then onto the NHS. The stresses and pressures of the life I was leading led me to an interest in holistic living and spirituality. I then realised I wanted to focus on helping people with their inner worlds and this led to me qualifying as a counsellor and setting up Gosowes Counselling (gosowes meaning 'to listen' in the Cornish language).

I love people and am fascinated by how people make sense and deal with life. I enjoy finding where problems lie and helping clients to find solutions, getting to the root of issues. Often the main symptom has a hidden cause that we can discover together. I offer clients a space to explore the areas you choose. I believe strongly in everyone having freedom to be themselves and to follow their own path.

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