Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage helps to release the deeper layers of the muscles, tendons and fascia (connective tissue surrounding the muscles) by using a firm, deep pressure. Various massage techniques including myofascial release and trigger point work are used to release the soft tissue which can often become tight through exercise, poor posture, repetitive strain or injury. This deep, slow and relaxing massage is extremely effective for releasing chronic and acute muscular tension.

I have also found this therapy to be very beneficial for post-natal care. Regularly carrying a baby or toddler around, often on the hip, can cause extreme lower back/back pain for the mother. Holding their baby whilst breastfeeding also aggravates the upper back and shoulders. In relieving the tension around specific areas, it allows the mother to feel more relaxed, comfortable and mobile.

Helpful for: lowering high blood pressure; relieving stress; reducing chronic and acute muscle pain; breaking down scar tissue; increasing joint mobility; arthritis pain/symptoms and muscle rehabilitation.